Answer Me This- Labor Day Edition 9-1-14

It's Labor Day here in America.
A day we recognize the struggles and progress of working Americans through history.
It's also the unofficial end of summer here in Virginia, as schools begin tomorrow.

Here is this weeks "Answer Me This" questions- with a nod towards occupations:  Hope you find some time to answer these for yourself, either here in the comments or on your own blog and link back.

Here goes:

1. What were your first 3 jobs?  
Like many younger girls my first job was babysitting. I took a class at the YWCA and got certified and spent many nights and weekends babysitting ---for $1 an hour.  
I did a quick inflation calculator - $1 in 1975 = $4.43 in today's dollars.  
I also de-tasseled corn one summer and had a job at Baskin-Robbins ice cream the next summer.

2. What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you achieve it?  
As a teenager I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. Maybe I watched too much Perry Mason. I kept that dream for quite awhile, majoring in history in college, but about 3/4 of the way through my degree I realized that being a lawyer was not what I really wanted to do.  

3. Favorite subjects in school?-  History and anything to do with art.

4. Are you a procrastinator or a 'do it ahead of time' person? 
 I tend to be a procrastinator, but in recent years, I am trying to be better about being a do it ahead of time gal, it's a struggle.

5.  Clutter hound or neat nick?  
I once applied to a juried show where you had to have a picture of yourself at work.
I cleaned up my desk that day for the picture--- haha
Clutter hound. I like having my kitsch, collectables and clutter around me.....I know where everything is.  My studio space is usually a wreck, while I'm creating, then I take a day every couple of weeks and set it all back to right... before demolishing it again.

6.  Finish this sentence... 'When I retire I want to...'
I want to stop moving every 2 years and find our 'forever house'

I want to live in the Southern US.

Spend at least a week at the beach annually.

To travel all the places on my bucket list. 

I'd like to keep creating and doing shows 

Visit my children [and any grand children if we end up being blessed that way]. 

Spend evenings sitting on the porch with my sweetheart having a cocktail and talking about our blessed life. 

There ya go!  Can't wait to see what your answers are---
Thanks for playing~
~ Tammie


  1. My first job was stringing tobacco, then babysitting...50 cents an hour. From the time I was 6 years old, I've wanted to live on a farm and have I am, on Thistle Cove Farm!

  2. I also baby sat when i was younger then was the patient information "lady" at a local hospital. still remember one guffaw that my coworker made she had a call about a patient named Peter Rabbit and said he was just hopping along jokingly until the caller said he was a real patient!! graduated from there to ward clerk then Nurse
    I wanted to be a mounted police so i could ride horses all day but that did not happen after i broke my leg on a horse I went on to become a nurse like Dixie Macall on emergency lol
    favorite subject was science biology
    definitely a big time procrastinator late always lol in fact my son is waiting to be picked up now lol
    my house is very cluttered and lived in my mother would be upset but i always crash clean before she comes over
    And lastly I hope i can retire someday if i have any money left i havent spent on beads
    thank you


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