Thrifting Thursday 9-5-13 'Something from Nothing'

 Hello Thrifty Friends~

I have been thrift shopping lately, but my purchases aren't exciting enough to share photos of.  

I found a 'pre-owned' set of Stampin' Up stamps that will be great for polymer clay pendants and 2 sets of bed risers so that I can now raise ALL my craft show tables up to counter height..... Nice purchases, but sort of snooze-worthy....

So instead, I will share my version of 'something from nothing'. I am an experimenter, so fiddling with this stuff is right in my wheelhouse. These earrings are made from things most folks throw away.

The pair of earrings on the left are made from the aluminum of a Coke can, which I cut, sanded, embossed, patinated and distressed.

These happy sun earrings are made from the metal/aluminum? neck wrap on a Schmitt Sonne Riesling bottle. I flattened the metal, cut the rounds with my Swanstrom disc cutter, sanded, punched and wired these. Voila'
Lastly, these moon earrings were made in a similar way. Using the metal neck wrap from a Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc I disc cut, embossed, punched and distressed them before adding ear wires.

I have to add here that not all types and brands of wine have a nice metal neck band. Many are plastic or paper and of those that are metal, not all have interesting designs. You just have to keep looking.  Recently I saw earrings made from beer caps, so now I am thinking about tinkering with some of those....
Thanks for stopping by today. I'd love to hear about your 'something from nothing' experiences.

Warm Regards,


  1. Very nice, I love to reuse nice things too! Great job!

    1. Thanks Marti, I am ALWAYS fooling around with something & sometimes it works out! :-D

  2. You are so very clever! I especially love the moon earrings---guess I'll have to drink more wine.

    1. Thanks Lynn, drinking the wine is the happy part of that job! :-D

  3. Very cool. I have been looking for a disc cutter to do something similar!

  4. Thanks Robin~ The Swanstrom was pricey, but it works like a charm and everything I read said wait to afford the best one you can, so it took me a while but I love it.


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