Thrifting Thursday 9-12-13 'Sometimes it's Good to be a Hoarder'

Hello Thrifty Friends~
 There is a bit of a stigma attached to saving too many  things. Keep it for too long, pick it up off the side of the road,  have too much of it, yada, yada, yada, OK, suddently~ now you're a hoarder....

However, I see my penchant for saving things as optimistic. I am discriminating and I always see the potential in the items I keep. So now, onto why I start off a bit defensively....

About a month ago my teenage DD was cleaning out & purging her room, clothes that didn't fit, items that were too "little girl" you get the picture. She cam to me with a dish of kiddie costume jewelry and broken bits and pieces and she said....[wait for it...] "Mom, I'm SURE you'll want this".
Hmmm... she knows me too well~  I sifted through it and saved what looked "optimistic" :-D

So now we come to today, I enjoy writing my Thrifting Thursday posts and it seems people like reading them as they are my highest viewed musings. However, sometimes being thrifty is hard and I had no good idea as to what I could write about. I am in high speed show prep and not out scouting the charity shops very much lately.

Tuesday morning I had the good fortune to peruse the Beadaholique website where I stumbled across a video tutorial by Julie Bean. She is the senior designer there and does a great job with her tuts.
I started watching this>> video  which really inspired me.

Cheap-ola aluminium girly bracelets

So when I went up to my work space I started madly opening drawers and boxes until I ran across these:

And these:
Copper wire in 18 & 24 gauge, faceted AB chinese crystals & repurposed sari silk

And after a little while ~ VOILA'   ~ I had this, India inspired bangle bracelet>>>

SO ~ stay strong thrifty friends.... 
You can make something awesome from that stash you've been saving!

Have a great rest of your week, I'm off to make some more bangles 
Warmest Regards,


  1. That's definitely an awesome upgrade!

  2. Okay that is cool. Did you make a stack of them? Do you have a limit to how long you save things? Mine is 3 years from the time I brought it home if it's smaller than a shoebox.


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