Pinterest Monday 9-30-13 Childhood Memories

I am a child of the late 60's early 70's. While perusing Pinterest recently I came across a bunch of things that I remember doing/playing with/listening to.

I wonder if you are familiar with any of them?  Thanks for looking!

WHITING CRAFTS: 1971 Dip-A-Flower Starter Kit #Vintage #Toys
This stuff smelled TERRIBLE, probably so TOXIC and....totally did not look the cover photo

come on get happy....
I bet I can still sing all these verbatim

 Love's Baby this ad!  OMG one of my girlfriends back in the 70's LOVED this stuff so much I'd swear she'd take a bath in it every day if she could! Just seeing this ad makes me remember that smell all over again! LOLHASBRO: 1967 Lite-Brite Set #Vintage #Toys    Lite-Brite &  Operation -so FUNThe Vintage Toy Room , Specializing in Marx Toys, Marx Action Figures, Johnny West, Louis Marx Toys from the 1960's and 1970's

COLORFORMS: 1968 Liddle Kiddles Dress-Up Kit #Vintage #Toys               Liddle Kiddles lived in my desk in 5th grade. We were allowed to have them out at recess.          TOPPER: 1970 Dawn Doll #Vintage #Toys  Dawn was so GROOVYVintage Toy "Etch a Sketch"
Etch a Sketch and Spirograph would keep me busy for hours....KENNER: 1967 Spirograph Set #Vintage #ToysFrom the 1970s, Clackers were the rage in toys.These 'CLACKERS' were awesome, finally recalled because they would shatter..... mine were pink!


  1. WOW~ At one time or another, I had all of these. What a great trip down memory lane!!

  2. WOW~ At one time or another, I had all of them except Liddle Kiddles. What a great trip down memory lane. I miss the spirograph. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hahahaa! Oh, man! Lessee... we had the spirograph... and the litebright... my youngest aunt on my mom's side was the queen of the click-clacks (hers were pink).... etch-a-sketch, operation, the Partidge family... wow! I'm feelin' old :\

  4. wow, what a flashback...thanks for the memories


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