Thrifting Thursday 9-19-13 "Everything Old is New Again"

Last November I stopped by the thrift store on the Norfolk Navy base and stumbled on this bag of 'junk'.  Lots of bits and baubles and looking back now I can see several things that have made their way into other pieces.  In the upper left hand corner you seen a heavy gold tone hinge bangle.  I just knew it needed a refreshing to make it cool and modern. 

The original piece

After cleaning and sanding  to rough up the surface

I used a series of Ranger Patina inks in a layering, brushing and sponging sort of technique to achieve this look. I decided to tint the inside with the brilliant blue as a surprise. I then sealed the whole piece with a matte sealant for durability.

Fun, modern and wearable

Thanks for Thrifting with me today~
Have a great weekend.


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