Thankful Thursday 1-24-19

 Welcome friends,
I usually do a Thrifting Thursday post, but I didn’t find much in the way of thrift items this past week so instead I’ll do a Thankful Thursday.

Last weekend I participated in my first "Viera Art Festival" in Viera Florida. Viera is a little town about an hour south of me are right off of Interstate 95.
This is the second annual event for the show and it is got potential for being a very good event. For me it was low average sales wise.  I had nothing else going on in January so it was a good filler.
Was super windy that Sunday -sustained winds of 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph all day long.

I did have my neck displays blown over several times [even with added weights and duct tape].

A little tent across from me was an accident waiting to happen. A first time artist with less than 50 pounds of weight on her entire tent I was certain it was going to take off like a kite thankfully the two occupants held onto it throughout most of the day.
I did go over and talk to her for a bit, and offer her some tips on doing an outdoor show. We all have to start somewhere, but this is one of the reasons I carry business insurance. SO that my tent/work/business would be covered in the event of a catastrophe or that if someone crashes into me I am not devastated.

Here are some of the things I made for this event:

Next on the blog today is what I am working on this week for my 2  February events. 
This groovy 1968 TV tray in Ochre, black, yellow and red will make a cool statement piece don't you think?? 

Last but far from least... I shared all the secrets of my 
"CREATIVE CHAOS" AKA my studio workshop with the website CUT OUT & KEEP based in the UK, but with a world wide following. Many thanks to Cat Morely for featuring me :-)

See the link here >Tammie's Studio Tour


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