New Year, New Studio Revamp 2019

2016 house under construction
 In the last few days of 2018 I  decided to revamp my little studio space and make it more efficient and user-friendly. Inspired by both my score at the the thrift store of a new in box bench grinder & a  surprise Christmas gift of a 32in smart TV I realized that my space could be better organized.
2016 Move in week, still trying to figure it out
 2106 Initial placement - Notice the giant pile of silver hurricane shutters to the right. A definite negative influence on how I can place things in my studio.

And so below---All new for 2019!
Here is the revamped space. Over the summer my husband donated his old heavy duty wooden workbench to me for some of my torch techniques including soldering, torch & kiln enameling and more. The bench is great, it’s nice and heavy & is pretty big.

The other problem with the old configuration was that I had paid to have extra electrical outlets on the walls when we built the house. Those outlets were blocked by the storage of the hurricane shutters.
By moving the shutters to another part of the garage I am now able to put the workbench along the wall and take advantage of all the power outlets. This will allow me to bolt my 'new' thrift store bench grinder to one end and be able to plug it in when in use. Its much safer having the grinder bolted down to the workbench.
I know probably still looks like a chaotic mess to most people but I have so much more space and everything (almost) has its own perfect location.

Here is a shot of my new TV. I wasn't really sure that I needed one, but now that I have it and can stream not only BOB ROSS but you tube videos of techniques right in the studio I am hooked!!

So lastly, I thought I would share with you a recent project for my desk inspired by something I saw on Pinterest.
This is an old knife block which I picked up at Goodwill for two dollars. I came home and drew some guidelines and then got out my drill and proceeded to fill the back of the knife block with rows of holes of varying sizes.
Then flipped it around and VOILA'- a perfect storage spot for all my Dremel & flex shaft bits.

In the knife slots I can keep all my micro files and even space for my shears & a ruler.

Thanks for checking in today! I will be back soon with more posts. I'm excited to be back to blogging in 2019!


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