Thrifting Thursday 4/6/17 'Repurposed Photo Posters'

Hi Thrifty Friends~
Today's post is a quickie. Just wanted to share how I repurposed some of my photo posters.

Back in December of 2014 I ordered 4 18x24 photo posters of my work from VistaPrint. 

They made a nice impact in my show booth and worked well for over 2 years. In the past few weeks though I realized they were showing their age. Not only has my work changed and improved, but even with care, the posters were beginning to look tattered and then, they got damp at a show and the paper warped even though they were in poster frames.

So, I ordered 4 new ones when VistaPrint had one of their ever present sales.

This coming weekend I have a show that I discovered has my booth on a corner. Corners are great for increasing sales, as they encourage people to walk through more often. 
This is also my first 'sleepover' show. This means I am taking on the expense of a hotel and food, etc. Because everything has to fit in my car, I don't have the luxury of adding a bunch of extra display items. My car is already usually packed to the brim and I need room this time for my hubby and a suitcase!
I needed a little corner display without a ton of materials.  After much thought I am adding one 2x6 footed grid wall which can sit at an angle on the tent corner to add interest to passersby. 
How can I decorate and display on that with minimal cost and have it all still fit? 

Today's thrifty idea was to make use of my warped posters.  I had two dollar store frames that were just sitting around so I decided to cut out a portion and use them as accents on this corner grid.
I won't have a picture until Monday, so we will all have to wait, but I think these will make a nice addition to the small display.

Using the 'earring' portion of the posters made the most sense. 

You can really see the wrinkles where the posters are warped.

Voila'  All done and ready for the weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.  
Check out my TTE Facebook page for pictures from the weekend and drop by next week for a follow-on post. 
Have a great weekend!


  1. Great idea to harvest usable section of your old posters! Good luck with the show.

  2. Very nice, Tammie - best of luck!!!


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