Sojourn Artisan Market 2017

Hello Friends~
A few weeks ago, I was approached by a young lady, named Acara that I have become friends with while doing shows in Virginia.  She is also a jewelry maker and does a very successful line of copper enameled washer jewelry. 

She was interested in developing the concept for a line of handmade artisan jewelry by multiple artists that would be sold in a collective setting. Similar to direct marketing in that these shows and events could be held in peoples homes, public events or in more traditional art show venues, but different in that all the pieces are handmade by artists and not mass produced in huge quantities.

After some thought I decided to give it a try.            
I came up with a few limited edition runs and also did a grouping of my one of a kind tin pieces.
A few wire bangles I had on hand rounded out the initial offering.
So far, through Acara's hard work things are beginning to pay off.  She has begun to employ reps who also sell and promote the concept and the events are becoming more numerous. 
I am grateful for the opportunity. Since moving to FL last summer I have been slowly rebuilding my business and this fledgling enterprise is one of those baby steps. 
Please check out the website and if you are interested in becoming a participating artist, a rep or hosting an event, let us know! 

Copper embossed pieces in progress

Repurposed, embossed & patinated tin
Project board- pieces in production with a template and description card for each

Copper embossed



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