My First 'Sleep Over' Show / St. Augustine, FL 4/10/17

I am so happy to be writing this post today.  I had my first 'travel out of town' show this past weekend in St. Augustine, FL.  St. Augustine is the nations oldest city and is situated on the Atlantic coast of FL between Jacksonville and Daytona.  It's just about an hour north of me.
I was able to participate in this show because I won the entry as a prize in an artists group called Art Fair Insiders.  
I convinced my husband to accompany me and that we would make it a fun working 'vacation'. We drove up on Friday afternoon and were able to set up the tent and heavy hardware on Friday afternoon. The weather was spectacular, although quite windy. We were well situated with my new Flourish Stay-bars, plenty of weights, dog tie out stakes, etc.  Once we were set up we had the whole afternoon to play. 
Got checked into our bed and breakfast and set out to do some day drinking and discovery of St. A.
The beautiful Cathedral in the heart of town
So quaint and historic

We started a pub crawl of sorts, having a beer or a snack at a few places along the way. We always opted to sit outside and enjoy the amazing weather and of course the people watching. 
We walked everywhere and enjoyed seeing the sites.  We had so much delicious food. Thanks to YELP we had several fantastic meals over our 3 days.
We were also able to attend 7am, Palm Sunday Mass at the Cathedral downtown. That made me very happy on a couple different levels. I love to go to new parishes when we travel, one of the beauties of being Catholic is that the mass is the same no matter where you go, there is a comfort in that for sure. The second thing is that when I do weekend events, I am sometimes not able to make it to church and so this was a win- win for me. :-)

Scrumptious BarBQue
I'm such a kook
Now on to the business end of things.  I've finessed my set up over the last few months and I am reasonably happy with it. I use two of the shelving pedestals and 4 grid panels to keep the floor clear and utilize the wall space to the most advantage.  
At this event, every artist had a corner set up. I hear that is very desirable and great for sales $$, but I was unprepared for that.  With some advice from some fellow jewelry artists I found a way to tweak my usual set up for this corner variation you see below. I also added a single grid panel at the outer corner to catch the interest of passersby. My display fills my car pretty tightly so this was a way to add some more display area without taking up too much extra space.
It was very windy this weekend, but that was truly my only complaint. The traffic was moderate, but the customers who came were there to shop! I had one of my best financial weekends in well over a year.

I didn't particularly care for this pic of myself [why am I slouching? -ugh] , but I wanted to show the extra little grid I added to the corner of the tent.
So, there you have it. A great weekend all the way around. Now the good news is that I will be cranking out some work over the next two weeks before my next event- Yay me!!  haha
Have a great rest of the week,
Warm Regards,


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