Deland, Prizes & Statement Necklace Production 4/4/17

Hello Friends! 
It's great to see you again~ Today's post is an attempt to show you what's been going on on my work bench the last couple of weeks. 
March 2017 was a good month for TTE Designs
Two weekends ago I was at the Deland [FL] Outdoor Art Fest. A pleasant show in a nice venue, although sales were pretty slow for me and most of those around me
 [The large tree of life wall hanger people across from me sold only one thing on Saturday-the wood worker next to me sold not one thing on Sunday] . 
I did have the good fortune to win an honorable mention for my jewelry which was extremely nice and it came with a cash prize which helped offset some of the lack of sales.  
Interestingly, the sales that I did have came mainly from what I call my 'statement' category, the big pieces you create that are showy and that I do for the judges and to show my range of skills.

40 of these babies
Playing around with the discs

While I had slow time at the Deland show I hand cut, filed and sanded about 40 metal ovals for bracelets like the pictures you see above.

Well, 40 was way more than I actually needed. Unfortunately that tin was dented, a bit rusty and far from pristine. Many of the discs were more scarred up than I normally like to use.

Fast forward to yesterday. I have been working the past two weeks on creating some new statement pieces to fill the void before my big event in St. Augustine this coming weekend.
I had made several bright springtime pieces [which you can see below].

Yesterday I was playing around. I hated to waste the work that went into cutting and shaping them so I thought perhaps I would alter them in some way, but I had no plan what so ever.

"O well" moment #1
I decided to emboss the ovals and sand the surfaces. That would help to blend in many of the scars and scratches on the tin.
As luck would have it, I loaded the embossing plate backwards and the design was recessed instead of projected outward I had wanted.

"Oh well" moment #2, I'll sand them anyway. Maybe I can make it work.
"Oh well moment #3, I'm not loving this. :-(  What if I can add color to the discs with alcohol ink in sort of an ombre' [light to dark] scheme?

OK, liking these colors, now to attach them.
The usual jump ring links were weird and too floppy. :-(
...So what if I rivet them instead? 

OK, like the look of this but there is an odd space between two of them.  try and rivet a flattened 'floral look' bead cap there as an accent and also hid the odd spot.

OK so how do I finish it off? Add the chain and clasp at the front, so that it becomes part of the design and not just an afterthought.

I absolutely ADORE this!
Sometimes the serendipity of free style creating can be the perfect storm.
What do you think?

Here are the other statement pieces I have made in the past two weeks. Let me know your feedback, maybe your favorite one?  I always take your comments to heart.
Have a great week and if you are in St. Augustine, FL this weekend [4-8/9-17] please stop by the Old Town Art Show and see me. 
Warm Regards,

Cobalt and Beach

Abstract washer style discs with vintage Monet chain accents

Segmented with moving panels and floating dangles
Flirty and feminine, soft turquoise hangs from a silver plated neck wire

Rich coral pink with quatrefoil motif. Vintage rope chain and custom tin and resin clasp created just for this piece.


  1. Tammie, these are awesome - such neat creativity. Where do you ever find all these tins? The scale of the designs on the tin pieces really works....and all those colors!!! Your set-up really must catch people's eye. Well done:)

    1. Thank you Barbara! I appreciate your very kind compliments. Some of the tins are 'natural'/ the original colors, and some are created using alcohol inks, Vintaj metal patinas and embossing plates. I try not to waste any! :-)

  2. I saw your article in Belle Amoire! I love your necklaces. I thought you used a punch. You do an impressive job hand cutting.

    1. I have a punch for smaller circles, anything else is done with a template. Many of these necklaces needed something other than 1in circles, so I had to adapt. Thanks for your lovely comment. :-)

  3. Oh, Tammie!!! All these pieces are really amazing. Your work is so fabulous. I had no idea that you hand-cut (with a saw?) all the tin. I thought you were using a punch of some sort. I already had so much respect for what you've been doing, but you just totally raised the bar in my eyes. Wow!! Here's hoping the show this weekend goes much better. :)

    1. Thank you Hope, you're too sweet.
      I do have a round punch and that works well for anything up to 1in. diameter, but anything else larger, or other shapes- is cut by hand, using a template, sharpie and various tin snips.

  4. ALL really cool pieces! GREAT JOB!


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