4/24/17 'Brain Dump' What I'm Doing, Seeing, and Acquiring...

Playing with some large gauge copper wire

Hi Friends
This is a picture heavy post as I use them to explain what is on my mind in the last week or so!

Two weeks ago at my St. Augustine, FL show I had a great show and consequently sold out of many things. [A very good problem to have by the way!]
So I got busy making for both my next event and more pieces for the Sojourn Artisan Market that I wholesale to.  The turquoise oval piece above came together easily. I often take stone beads with me to shows and work wire wrapping them in-between customers. I had finished these ovals a while back and knew I wanted to create a coordinating pendant in copper. I also made the clasp with a cool resin technique to match.


  I also needed to make a few new belt leather cuffs. I love this colorful belt from Costa Rica and the patina beach creatures are a perennial favorite among my customer base.

  Next on the list was to share- the awesome Stanley brand aviation tin snips I purchased. 
  I adore my fine metal shears, but I felt like there should be an better tool for the basic deconstruction of the tins. I have found it here! These cut like butter through the tin, but they are rough cuts and so it gets through the metal fast and makes it easy to clean it up with the fine shears. They are spring loaded too, so easy on the hands....Well worth the $15. 

Next on the show and tell are a pile of awesome tins I got for free! 
You may know that I volunteer at my churches thrift shop. Last week they were purging and reorganizing and were about to throw out these Christmas tins. As you can imagine I scooped them up ASAP. :-)

The Lenox tin is especially pretty!!

Last, but not least I was a first time participant in the Port Orange Art Fest. 
This show is two days and just 5 miles from my house in the city center of PO.

There was good and bad about this event. 
The good: 
Pretty park venue
Nice to be on asphalt and not dirt or grass
Close to restrooms
Easy load in and out
Good food vendors
Saturday was in conjunction with a Jazz fest so there was good foot traffic and nice music all day
Fairly well organized
Had a piece selected for judging!
Sunday's musical a cappella group was great entertainment

The Bad:
A new organizer this year. They were not terrible by any means, but I think there were some definite 'growing pains' as they took over the reins. Lack of advertising, maybe???
Poor foot traffic with very few sales on Sunday! This was pretty awful. In reality this could almost be considered a one day event. 

A pano from my tent showing the juried artists
The piece chosen for jurying, not my favorite by any means, but  hey art is subjective after all!

 The only good thing about lots of down time at a show is that I ALWAYS take work with me just in case. So I had the chance to cut and file a lot of discs, make some pendants and do some small project planning as you see above.

Well that's it for now. I feet so much better getting all that off my mind. Now on to the week. Hope yours is a good one! Thanks for stopping by~
Warm Regards


  1. Congrats on selling so much at the St. A show!! Those belt bracelets are so great!
    Awesome score on the tins. And you indeed have the same tin I had in those earrings in that stash! Can't wait to see what you make with this awesome-ness!


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