Thrifting Thursday on Wednesday & Hurricane Matthew Prep 10/5/2016

Hello Friends! 
Welcome to another installment of Thrifting Thursday [written on Wednesday this week]. 
Today's post is somewhat unusual and you will see why as you read along.

  Working as a volunteer at our church's thrift shop is a lot of fun and a great way to see items that I might 'need' along the way. Above you seen a beautiful tin I picked up for $1. Nice lilacs on a black background and some pretty script and a flower on the lid. As you can see I got a little a head of myself in the picture taking department for that one. Sometimes I'm so excited, I have to dive right in.

  Next up are two twin headboards. I wasn't really in the market for headboards per se, but our guest room is two twins and so when I saw these gems at $5 each I had to snap them up. They are not solid wood and they are a weird yellow color, but the 'bamboo' & 'rattan' theme is sort of tropical and beachy so, I think they will look great once they are painted and installed.  
I am trying a new paint this time out. In the past I had used "At Home by Amy Howard", a mineral paint and liked it very much. But since I no longer live near my friend Shari at 'Refreshed ' in Chesapeake, VA I have to resort to something else. 
  This Valspar is a furniture paint and seems to be similar concept, in that there is minimal prep and easy water clean up. These headboards are going to be a simple white so hopefully it will be a no brainer. I will post pics when they are done. 

 And now for an explanation of why I won't be painting headboards or working out in my studio too much for the next couple of days, Hurricane Matthew is heading our way!

  Here is a funny meme I put on my Facebook page yesterday evening. As a girl who went to college in Wilmington, NC and married a Naval officer [we almost always live near an ocean] I am pretty good at storm prep. My first 'cane was Gloria in 1985. I remember the radio station played Gloria every 15 minutes for two days it was crazy! I still think of that when I hear that song > [] 
But I digress.....
We keep a cupboard of staple supplies like water, candles and batteries and don't dilly dally when it comes to shopping early for replenishment storm prep supplies, like canned foods, ice, gasoline and beer. 
  The good news is that our new house came with a series of aluminum storm shutters. The bad news is they are stored against the wall out in my studio. The one dilemma I had when setting up my shop was how to position things so that we had easy access when needed.  So although it looks crazy now... It only took me about 15 minutes to clear the way. 


Since it was the first time we were installing these on our new house I convinced my husband we should start on Tuesday evening.  He did the lions share of it and was able to get 2/3 of the house covered in about 2.5 hours.  Just as well because it makes the house pretty dark inside.  We will finish the rest of it this afternoon [Wednesday] to be ready as things progress Thursday & Friday.  
  Interestingly, I have several of my outdoor show items prepped and set aside as storm aids. Including my portable generator, my LED display lights [bright light with little energy draw], my battery powered fans and portable phone chargers, all ready to pitch in should we need them.  Fingers crossed for minimal damage. 
Thanks for stopping by today- Hopefully we'll see you next week! 


  1. Good to get those hurricane shutters on. We have a condo in the Keys and we have been trying to get a set of our shutters repaired all summer and they aren't (long, ugly story). Fortunately, I think we will be ok. You on the other hand may get a lot of the storm. It certainly sounds like you are well prepared. I hope Matthew is kind to you.

  2. Fab finds! I hope the house is okay after the storm and am glad that you started early to get a feel for the prep. Wishing y'all all the best!


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