Thrifting Thursday 10/20/2016 'Repurposed Photo Frame and DIY Show Tent Weights'

Greetings Friends & Happy Thrifting Thursday!
You may recall that I purchased these two hollow center lidded 'picture frames' from our parish charity shop a few weeks ago. I thought they might make a unique display for my jewelry with a little tweak.

They had two variations for display. First was a traditional mat and glass configuration, second was a series of photo flaps that could be inserted and was attached to solid black panel as seen above.
Showing the grooves where the panels fit

Quick shot showing it in action
For this project I used some of my trusty burlap [which I always seem to have on hand], black duct tape, two sided foam tape and two clear push pins.  I used the black frame panel as a template and cut the burlap just a bit larger. The panel had to fit back into the grooves inside the frame so I needed to keep any extra fabric bulk to a minimum. A quick minute later and the burlap was attached tautly to the frame and slid back into the base. I them measured equal distance and carefully tapped in two pushpins. Lastly, I used two pieces of two sided foam tape and secured the lid to the box. It had some small magnets but for transporting to show I wanted it secure. 
Now it will make a unique focal display for a statement piece. 

My other weekend project was to convince my husband to help me make some new tent weights for out door shows. I had some gigantic weights which we had to leave behind when we moved this summer. These are substantially smaller, but also A LOT easier to move. 4 small buckets, 4 eye bolts, some wire to hold it from sinking, and two bags of concrete later..... There are no pictures during construction because, well it was a mess, haha!  I will use these attached to ratchet straps from the tent frame. I also have some zipper sand bags that wrap around the tent legs and 4 barbells that sit on the metal flaps that encircle the tent legs. All in all it should be about 50-60# per leg.
I am doing my first FL event in a few weeks and if I have any financial success I am planning to buy some Sta-Bars for my tent which will also make it more sturdy in windy weather.
Not pretty, but pretty heavy!

There you have it. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week and I'll see you back here next week!
Warm Regards,
Tammie :-)


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