"Thrifting Thursday" +bonus "What I Worked on Wednesday" 10/13/16

 Hello Friends~
  In last weeks post I shared about these $5 headboard finds at my church's thrift store. In spite of evacuating out of town for a few days due to Hurricane Matthew I was able to get these painted and placed in the guest room. 
We had planned to put up our hurricane shutters and ride out the storm, but by late morning on Thursday the news had us more than a little concerned and so we finished up the shutters and made a quick command decision to bug out to my parents house in Alabama.  
  What should be a 8.5-9 hour drive took about 11+ hours just because of the volume of traffic and some of the first bands of rain from the storm.  We returned home on Sunday and were relieved to see that we personally had almost no damage. The shutters held fast and we only had some debris in the yard,  a few young trees bent over, palm fronds torn off and lost the plastic cover to our utility box, which we found in the field next door. Sadly, many tens of thousands of people in our local area,  the Caribbean and up the eastern US were not so lucky. Please continue to pray for them and donate if you are able to worthy charities that can help. 

 So here is one of the painted headboards. It took two generous coats and a third light one for a few touch up spots, but I am really happy with the way they turned out.  
Now to be patient while it drys
Detail of the bamboo and faux caning look 

Here they are installed on the xl twin beds in my guest room. Of course now I'm thinking I need to paint the wash stand night table to a white too. Still a work in progress as I need to decorate the room.

So,  for "What I Worked on Wednesday" ~
  Yesterday I marked out a 10x10' square in my garage and set about planning my new 'mostly vertical' outdoor display. I have my first Florida event coming up November 5 & 6 and I want to be prepared.
  I am trying to move towards a display that leaves shoppers lots of room to move about in my tent. More of a 'gallery style' setting if you will.  I recently purchased some white grid walls which I plan to hang from the sides of my tent and then apply the various frames and displays. I liked adding some posters of my work to attract customers. Unlike large art, jewelry needs some help to be seen from outside the tent. Adding posters helps draw people in for a closer look. I also have a 4' long banner for the back wall of the tent which has pictures and my logo. 
  It's a constant work in progress. I also want to try to do this on a budget since I haven't had a show in the several months since moving to FL and consequently not bringing much income. 

So far this is my preferred configuration
Table will be at the rear to hold earring spinners and other items

Trying other arrangements [Not my favorite]
 I appreciate you stopping by and letting me bounce some ideas off you. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.
Have a great week.
~ Warm Regards,


  1. I would definitely use your preferred configuration and turquoise is a very popular Florida color. For the bedroom, I would paint the wash stand white. Your headboards look great. You sure got a lot done in a small time period! I am so glad you made out well in the hurricane.

  2. Tammie, just an idea, but have you thought of painting the wash stand maybe a slate blue? Love how the headboards turned out and love reading about your finds!


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