Maybe it Just Wasn't Right the First Time- Before and After

Hi Friends
  Have you ever made a piece that you liked well enough at the time- but it sat around, no one bought it, and the more you looked at it the less you liked it? That's the case with the items in this collage.  
  Mainly I'm referring to the various polymer clay pendants seen below in a 'before and after' shot.  My favorite colors are turquoise, aqua, and navy blue. Plus most bright and cheerful colors. I would make everything in these if I could --but I push myself to try other colors to appeal to a wider audience. Sometimes it's successful and sometimes not so much.
Here you see a dark olive green crepe myrtle bud impression, gold & brown juniper branches and red, brown & gold praying angel. Because of the tremendous versatility of polymer clay it can be painted and that is just what I decided to do to give these great pendants a new life.

As I mentioned, I love turquoise-teal & aqua shades so I used those to re-vamp my lackluster pendants. A wash with a chalky white overlay and a few tiny wisps of antique brown highlights for good measure - sealed for durability and shine and VOILA'
   Additionally, I had made this lovely white and turquoise howlite with wrapped link chain back in November and given it a big handmade copper toggle clasp.  It was nice but not amazing, a little switcheroo ~ now it looks like they were made for each other. 

 So a few coats of paint, wash, sealant and connectors and I have a whole new crop of work.
I'd be interested in your opinions. Fingers crossed for a sale at one of my up coming events! 
Have a great weekend- 
Warm Regards,


  1. I prefer the earth tones to the new ones, but all are gorgeous! Green being my favorite color, I love that one in the original.


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