Thrifting Thursday 8/14/14

Hi Friends~
1st apartment love seat
My thrifting of late, has been more purposeful. 

My son is headed back to college at the University of Alabama and will be sharing his first apartment with two roommates. Each guy is contributing to the main living area. We originally planned to get the things in Tuscaloosa, but with 3/4 of the student population living off campus it was nearly impossible to secure the things he would need from that end unless we wanted to buy all brand new and shell out big $$$$. 

So plan B was born. My husband rented a U-haul and will pull it behind his truck with the bigger pieces of furniture and my son will drive his car behind.  
I found this nice little couch for $40 at my favorite CHKD and my folks are donating a used green leather recliner which will actually coordinate with this [not that my teenage son cares about color coordination]. 
We found a neat deal on Amazon Prime. 
Signature Sleep Contour 8in Full Mattress. It comes rolled up in a big cylinder and when you are ready to open, it you unroll it and wait 8 hours. Over that time it decompresses and becomes an honest to goodness mattress. My hubby found instructions on the the web for a sturdy mattress frame made from 2 x 4's and Voila'  the bed is complete! He will take the rest of his room furnishings and the rest of the things he needs, we have on hand. 

So while purposefully shopping I also picked up some frames for covering with polymer, a pretty tin which will be cut and re-purposed into jewelry, a switch plate and some interesting ceramic masks to cover in polymer. 

I have had a bit of time here and there to work.  Here are a couple of 'after' photos

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Have a great weekend!


  1. That is a great price for that price. I LOVE the masks and the frame, they turned out so beautiful.

  2. Being a frame fanatic, I love these! Thanks for sharing.


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