Answer Me This.... 8/9/14

A few months ago I stumbled upon a really interesting blog called Catholic All Year.
Why does one blog stand out from the multitudes?
So excuse me while I fan girl a little....

The authoress, Kendra is witty, informative, supportive & opinionated.
I admire her mission to live her Catholic faith daily [not just on Sunday's] and I am astounded that she and her husband do all that while raising & homeschooling a passel of kids.

A regular feature of her blog is called Answer Me This  in which she which poses and answers a series of random questions and invites readers to answer the same.

Best Rhubarb Recipes-1 - Shaker Rhubarb Pie  When choosing rhubarb buy firm, crisp stalks, and store them in the refrigerator.

I'm jumping on the band wagon.
So without further ado:

1. What do you still want to do this summer?  ~ That's an easy one... hit the beach one more time. You'd think living oh,... I don't know about 20 miles from Virginia Beach with access to the base beach at Dam Neck, that it would be a no brainer, For some reason I just don't go enough.  The ocean and the beach recharge me and I need at least one more day with sand between my toes before it's sweater weather.

2. What's your favorite kind of pie? - Rhubarb, but in a pinch I will also willingly devour blackberry.

3. How much sleep do you need each day? How much do you get?- I need at least 8 hours, less than that, especially for more than a day or two, makes me crabby and unpleasant to be around. Most of the time I am able to get that, although in the last year or so I have started to take 2 Benadryl every night. I guess menopause has started to do it's number on me and without them I wake up @2 am--wide awake. 

4. Do you prefer to swim in a pool, lake, river or ocean?
 See answer #1 above..........followed by pool [or a pond]

5. Do you know any poems by heart?- Not really, although I think I can still recite a passage from MacBeth that I had to memorize in HS

6. Do you use the public library?  YES!  I go through phases, but when I'm on a reading jag, like I am right now-- I haunt the historical fiction, non-fiction [and occasionally the fiction] areas like a hawk.  I am currently reading The Boys in the Boat and just finished Seabiscuit. Both excellent reads, I highly recommend them.

Hijacked from Kendra's page: 
So, please answer this week's questions for yourself in the comments. 
If you have a blog, answer the questions there and link back to this post, and link your blog post up below. 
For bonus points you can even tag a couple of other bloggers so they can play along too. It's fun!
Please always remember, in Answer Me This... there are no rules and the points don't matter :-D

There you have it.  Tune in next week for another installment of Answer Me This! 
Thanks for playing along! 
~ Warm Regards,


  1. Yay! Thanks for linking up Tammie. I've heard of rhubarb pie, but I've never tried it. Maybe I'll have to give it a chance?

  2. Fun! Here are my answers:
    1. What do you still want to do this summer? We want to put in a small area for a patio table/chairs, so we need to do all the work of digging up the area, leveling it etc to get the patio blocks in. I'd like to get that done if we can.

    2. What's your favorite kind of pie? Pecan, with chocolate chips.

    3. How much sleep do you need each day? How much do you get? If I don't get my 8 hours for more than a couple of days I'm useless. I am able to get 8 hours on the weekends but during the week I have a hard time falling asleep so I usually get 6, maybe 7. I've tried all the otc sleep aids, they don't help. So by Friday I am pretty fried.

    4. Do you prefer to swim in a pool, lake, river or ocean?- None of the above, I can't swim.

    5. Do you know any poems by heart? Nope.

    6. Do you use the public library? No, because I am horrible at returning books. I forget and I know it's ridiculous but that's what I do. I have a Kindle now, and I have enough free books to read until I die so I'm good.


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