Answer Me This? 8/25/14

  The blogger I follow who started doing "Answer Me This? " has decided not to continue this feature. But I enjoy it, I think it's a neat way for people to learn more about me and I get to know more about my readers and other people who play along.
  So I am taking this on and asking my own random questions. 
Please consider playing along. You can answer on your own blog and link in the comments or just put your answers in the comments below for everyone to read.

Thanks for playing, I can't wait to see what you say about.....

Do you like reality TV, what shows do you watch?  Do you think  reality TV has gone too far?-
I do watch some, I like Project Runway and Bar Rescue. I have been known to watch a Duck Dynasty episode, but over all, it's not my favorite genre and yes, I do think it's gone to far in most cases  
[Naked & Afraid? ??Really??]

What is your favorite alcoholic drink? 
I am currently loving a concoction of Fireball Whiskey and hard cider.  It tastes like a yummy apple pie.

Have you ever met any celebrities? 
 When I was about 18, in Tyler, Tx I went on a 'field trip' to a hospital lab [I was studying laboratory science in college at the time]. I bent down to tie my shoe and according to my friend- I missed Sissy Spacek walking by me.  It turns out her mother was in the hospital there. I guess that was my first brush with greatness.  

Later in life, as a young Navy wife, I attended a ball in Coronado California where Admiral James and Mrs. Sybil Stockdale were guests of honor. I didn't know much about them at the time, but a few years later, reading their book "In Love and War" inspired and humbled me. In hindsight I wish I could have thanked them for their courage and bravery. 

Sunrise or sunset?  Sunset, preferably at the beach with a cocktail in hand

Worst present you ever got [and how did you react?]?  
Not very well I must say. My college boyfriend gave me a gift certificate for an oil change and complete car care service for Christmas. :-(
I'm not sure what I thought I was getting... but I was NOT expecting that!! 

Most unusual forms of transportation you have ever used?
I can actually claim a couple of really cool rides. 
1. The Goodyear Blimp [ I was 5 and don't remember too much]
2. Hydrofoil between Dover and Calais
3. Helicopter over NYC
4. Small airplane through the Grand Canyon [they don't let planes do that anymore- with good reason!!]

Let's see what your answers~

Have a great week
~ Tammie


  1. Gasp - I actually did a blog post on it!

  2. Oh, I'm like this too and I'm going to answer here again. . .mostly because I can't answer the worst present question on my blog. Someone might see! So here are my answers.
    1. Reality TV - No, I'm not really a fan other than Project runway or other design-centered shows.
    2. Drinks - My go-to is usually a bourbon and coke, but I do love me a good mojito when I can get one. As well, the hubs and I have been making simple rum and gingers a lot lately too.
    3. Celebrities - I've had near brushes but when I was about 8 and living at a hotel in downtown Panama (my dad was in the Air Force and we were newly stationed there), my sister and I played in the pool with the members of Menudo. Oh, and after a Barenaked Ladies concert a few years ago, I saw a couple of members of the band in the bar and actually went over to them, gave them a thumbs up, and said 'great show' before just walking away. It was horribly embarrassing.
    4. Sunset, I'm not a morning person at all.
    5. Worst present - not long after I started dating my husband, his mother gave me a pink suede vest. I was horrified, but I did the best I could to save face by smiling and thanking her.
    6. Unusual forms of transportation - Hmmmm, on some of the traveling to and from Panama we flew in a cargo plane. I'd love to say I rode in the Oscar Mayer weinermobile but the cargo plane is all I can come up with right now.

    Thanks again for the fun questions!!

    1. Great answers, thanks for playing. I always wanted to take a 'space A' flight somewhere, but the hubs fly's for a living and has always given the thumbs down. I think it would be interesting [at least once] to fly in a military plane :-D

  3. My answers to the questions are:
    1. Yes, I do watch some reality TV, to my husband's chagrin. Survivor, Project Runway, and recently with morbid fascination an episode of Gypsy Sisters. Yes, some have gone too far.
    2. I don't have a favorite alcoholic drink now, but it used to be wine coolers.
    3. Yes,I met Morgan Freeman in a casino in New Orleans, he was trying to be incognito in the middle of the day, extremely nice! Also Patch Adams, same trip, he was a speaker at the nursing convention I was at, Lori Morgan was staying at the same hotel I was in Washington DC, and we conversed outside while she was waiting for her ride to the Kennedy Center to perform (nursing convention again), Vanna White, Jimmy Johnson, Nascar 6-time champion, Kasey Kahne and Clint Boyer, Nascar drivers.
    4. Sunrise, while fishing on the lake.
    5. Coffeepot, for Mother's day. It wasn't just for me.
    6. Trolley cars in New Orleans.
    Thank you! Gina H

    1. Awesome Gina- I appreciate you joining in. I used to LOVE Survivor too. Wow you have met a lot of famous people, very cool!

  4. Well, this is a fun activity! Let's see:
    !. Not a real fan of reality TV, but like most folks I have let a few get the best of me. Currently watching Face-Off on SyFy, also liked Work of art, a few years ago.
    2 Hard cider is about my only alcoholic favorite lately.
    3. My now husband and I went to see Ray Bradbury in his office in L.A. We were so nervous that he must have thought we were crazy.
    4. Hard to say which is my favorite, maybe sunsets 'cause you don't have to get up so early!
    5. My mother-in -law asked if I wanted her o bring me something from a trip she made to England. I must have lost my mind when I asked for a couple of yards of English tweed. I ended up graciously accepting a piece of red and green tartan.
    6. Small plane.


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