Thrifting Thursday 4-3-14 "From Dollar Store Frame to Fabulous Jewelry Display"

Hello Thrifty Buddies~
Today is a mini tutorial showing how I make a $1 picture frame from Dollar Tree [DT] into a pretty, interesting and practical jewelry display.

I do have a few traditional 'neck' displays in a linen/ burlap look and they serve a purpose, but I prefer something a bit more unique when possible. I stumbled across two of these tall, narrow frames at my local DT recently and after I made the first two displays I drove to the DT other side of town in search of more because I thought they worked so well.

I have recently been fortunate to have two more local shops accept my work. Both are new and requested that I provide some display options for my pieces.  I don't mind doing that but I don't want to spend a lot of $ and I'd like it to be something eye-catching too.

So here is what I came up with. It's quite easy, and costs under $2, which as far as I can find is cheaper and nicer than any traditional 'neck' display you could buy pre made.

On the left you see the frame as purchased. A rustic, antique gold finish and a nice sentiment but this is destined for a new purpose.
Remove the mat, glass and cardboard filler.
Using the mat as a guide, cut out a piece of white foam core board to size.
Cut a piece of your preferred fabric [I'm a natural burlap junkie] and using some clear packing tape 'gift wrap' your foam core tightly.  

With a bit of force, snugly push the fabric wrapped foam core into the back of the frame where the mat and glass had been. Using the tabs provided latch the back in place.
Use your choice of clear push pins as I have here or drapery hooks, which I normally opt for since they slide so nicely into the fabric/foam core combo. Choose a piece to be displayed.  I recently completed this set in natural LOS'd copper and stones using techniques from Cindy Wimmer's book The Missing Link.  I thought it would be a good test subject for today.  VOILA'
Hope this was useful to you and that you try it and give it your own twist.
Have a great weekend
And as always, Thanks so much for stopping by today~
Warm Regards,


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