Thank Goodness it's Thursday!


Here in southeast Virginia we were hit with about 8 inches of snow,  so today's post is a mish-mash of things on my mind....

 A few months ago, I volunteered to participate in a resin based project called **'Resin Time is Anytime'** hosted by Carmi Cimicata of Resin Crafts blog. She is a spokesperson for Environmental Technology Inc. [ETI]. My piece 'BEE ON TIME' was displayed along with close to 100 other artists at CHA in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. Today, Thursday January 30th 2014, my piece is featured on her blog>  Hope you can take a peek.  
<<<My new progressive lens eye glasses. I purchased two pair, but the others were not correct and had to be re-made.... pics to follow....

DD celebrated her 16th birthday this week, the real driver's license is not far away now!
[In VA you must be 16+3months and have had your permit for 9 months prior]

 The snow has been fun for my doggies, Rhett and Dixie~ although they didn't get walked yesterday or today so they are a little stir crazy....

Maybe shredding this poor stuffed squirrel will amuse them....  :-(

Time to pull out the DSLR camera and take a few fun/ 'artsy' pictures

Dripping icicles

My blue bottle tree at night....
Snowy fence posts
Like my parents and grandparents before them, I always feed the birds in winter. I used to think it was nerdy when my grandma got excited about birds, but they taught me all the species and names and now I am the nerdy one as I tell my DH all the names/types. 
I even got a Jeopardy question right last night because of it... "Ruffled Grouse"... you should have seen the look on his face.... Then he said "Grebe".. and we both laughed at the private silly joke. [Grebe was a Scrabble word I played on him about a year ago and he's never let me forget it - haha]
The state bird of Virginia [ and one of my favorites] 
Black Capped Chickadee

Red headed woodpecker [shot a a distance with my telephoto lens] 

     Now for some studio time today... I think it's gonna be a polymer clay kinda day :-D

THANKS for letting me ramble
Warm Regards,
~ Tammie


  1. I love that pendnt you created. So creative. I love resin and am experimenting with it. See you next time!!

  2. I love to watch the birds, too, Tammie... Hubby is in charge of keeping the feeders full, so I don't have to venture out as much. Brrr! Disappointed as we haven't seen many chickadees this winter; they're my favorites :)

    I get to Carmi's blog only on occasion, but I'll have to check out this post!

  3. The cardinal is my favorite bird too. Your pendant is perfect for a busy mom.

  4. I like your rambling post! Your puppies are ADORABLE! Pat and I want some boxers too, but I want a fence in the backyard before we get any kind of dog. So, puppy purchases are delayed. Also, love the blue bottle tree. . .something else I want someday (I've already got a few bottles saved.)
    Stay warm :)


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