Thrifting Thursday 1/2/14 ~ 'Beer-rings'

Hello Friends, Welcome!!
 Let's start 2014 off with a fun & easy "thrifty" project.

  One of my favorite "how to" jewelry resources is B'Sue Boutique.  Brenda is very generous with her explanations and instruction and I often check out her youtube channel to see what new inspiration is out there.  

  A couple weeks ago, she featured a video making beer cap earrings or 'Beer-rings' which hooked me right away.  Coincidentally, we were having a party for the Army-Navy Game [GO NAVY] and there were a number of unusual beers being consumed, so I gathered a few of the caps that seemed the most interesting. 
  In Brenda's video she uses a 4 pronged bezel to give a nice finish to the pieces and so I ordered a few.

I inadvertently ordered the smaller size bezel and this would not work with her technique, so I mulled it over for a bit and realized that after flattening the caps I could use my Swanstrom disc cutter to neatly cut the best part of the cap out to fit my smaller bezel.
  The bezel has no holes. To solve this I slipped on two jump rings, one at top and one at bottom to allow them to hang nicely, prior to folding the prongs over.  

  The picture below shows some of my process including the copper tone brass stamping bezel with 4 prongs, available in a variety of finishes and sizes from 19mm-32mm. []

  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did.  Please check out the link at the bottom to see the video I viewed and have fun putting your own spin on these.

Warm Regards,

These will be available on my Facebook page:

Hammered and cut cap, original cap and bezel

The completed project


Beer Cap Earrings how to ~ on youtube


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