Website Wednesday!

Hello Friends~

  Today's post shares my newest launch. I finally have a website for TTE Designs!!  I am thrilled. I feel like it fulfills a huge check in the box in this computer driven world we live in.
  I am not the most tech savvy gal so I enlisted my neighbor, Jane McKlveen, who has her own IT business []  and she helped me secure the domain name I had already bought and got me started on my way to making my site.
  I knew I wanted some more professional graphics so I contacted a long time friend and fellow Navy wife JJ Hogan who has her business  Seahorse Designs, Handpainted Gifts of Art and Paper and asked her help in creating a simple, classic and elegant logo design.

  My TTE site is relatively simple as sites go, but it creates a landing zone, a central location and a jumping off point for both me and my clients. It begins with the home page featuring my new logos, a photo of me and a short blurb about my work. There are a few pictures of pieces I've made to give the visitor an idea of what I do and I have shared some of my recent accomplishments as well.

  Customers interested in a further look can peruse the photo gallery with past and present pieces from the various categories I work in and if they are so inclined, links take them to both my Art Fire and Etsy shops online.  A link to my blog is the fifth page of the site and lastly a link on the sidebar can help them locate my Face Book page.

So, there you have it.  If you have just a moment more today I would greatly appreciate it if you could pop over and check things out on the site.  Any feedback would be welcome.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Warm Regards,


  1. Congrats on getting your check mark, Tammie... everyone says it is essential to have your "own" landing page as opposed to just separate shop/ blog/etc. I think it looks pretty and streamlined. The slide show is a great idea!


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