Pinterest Monday 7-8-13 ~ Celebrating 'Randomness'

Today's Pinterest Monday, celebrates a board I have called "Random Things I Like". Stuff that's cool, but really just doesn't fit any of my categories... So without further ado..I present :

nautical alphabet - I need to hang onto this for a future craft project
Nautical letter flags
Zipzicle- you can make your own popsicles instead of the store-bought sugar water mixture
Make your own healthy frozen push pops
Toaster ~ Vintage 1920's Toaster
1920's toaster, lovely and functional
Seahorse skeleton
Sea Horse skeleton~ so delicate
Photo of the eclipse of the sun
Glass Mosaics
Glass mosaic
Tulip Nebula....incredible!
Lol pleaseeee!
Ain't that the truth!
bottle cap backsplash
Bottle top back splash [cool for a wet bar]
Pride and Prejudice... the board game!!!
Pride and Prejudice board game~ yes please
Honeysuckle Little Kiddles Kologne Doll
KIDDLES!  I LOVED these when I was a kid


  1. OMG, Tammie, I want that toaster LOL. And that mosaic is just the inspiration I need after viewing the latest tutorial from Cindy Lietz... Thanks for sharing the randomness!

  2. I've got to find those zipsicles!! Great picks :)

  3. I've got to find those zipsicles!!! Great picks :)


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