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Hello Friends~
I know you're saying 'Hey, where's Pinterest Monday?' and it will most certainly be back next week, but today I wanted to share some exciting news.
I am one of 100+ artists at a lovely art and antique gallery in Elizabeth City, NC called 
"Two and a Half Women".   
I began as a vendor last summer and am one of the few polymer clay artists.  A couple months ago I was down revamping my inventory and the owner Tina Clancy, asked if I would consider being the featured artist at the ART WALK event in April.  I was more than honored, and told her I would think about it and let her know ASAP.  I talked to my DH and we both agreed it was a great opportunity.

So that event, that seemed so far away, is this Friday, April 5th from 5:30 to 7:30.
Art Walk occurs the first Friday of each month and businesses, galleries and studios in downtown Elizabeth City stay open a few hours later and sponsor events unique to that particular business.

  I am preparing several small displays on the wide, wide world of polymer clay, including my beloved Mokume Gane, and perhaps stamping, things you can add to PC, maybe Swellegant and so on~ so many possibilities.

Then I plan to demonstrate making 'century beads' throughout the event. Century beads are a great jumping off point for someone new to PC, a great way to make something cool with out a lot of tools or skill and a wonderful way to use scraps too. Here are a few examples of that.
Mokume Gane beads and Century Beads 

To say I'm nervous is an understatement, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to put myself out there.  I will be spending the week, prepping, prepping and re-prepping...
I will post again next week and share the results of this venture, but for now...wish me luck! 

Check out Two and a Half Women's 
FaceBook page and show them some love:


  1. Best of luck, Tammie! Don't be nervous - be excited and have fun :) you'll do amazing!

  2. What a great opportunity to show everyone what PC is all about, Tammie (and great for your business, of course)! I think the technique you are going to show is a nice choice... what you are calling "century beads", I call them swirled lentils, but I believe we are talking about the same technique. I'm going to email you a link.

  3. My hubby and I will be there to support you! You will do great so TRY not to be nervous! I will be in the back making funny faces at you!<3

  4. I am loving your choices for demos...beautiful! Really looking forward to having you Friday. Don't be nervous...you will ROCK this!

  5. So excited to have you! Your choices for demos are Gorgeous!


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