My First Publication !- Bead Trends May 2013

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  Back in the fall of 2012,  I decided to tackle one of the goals on my TTE Designs 'to-do' list.  I was hoping to have some of my work published [some day far in the future] and so I did my research and screwed up my courage and submitted several pieces. I chose Bead Trends Magazine because their application process is online.
Having never done this before.... I took my piece to a craft show that weekend and promptly sold it......
Bee-U-tiful Garden #1
  The following Tuesday,  I got an email saying that the publishers wanted to include my work "Bee-U-tiful Garden" in the May 2013 issue of their magazine in the mixed medium category. I was thrilled and panicked as I read through the guidelines that asked me to send it in immediately. I couldn't believe my good and bad fortune all rolled together.
  I emailed the publisher, Tatia, and explained my situation. I had or could re-make many of the components, but the focal was an old broken shoe clip from a thrift store that I had repurposed and couldn't be replaced. She said if iI could redo it closely, they would still accept it.
So I FLEW to Michael's to see if I could find some type of bezel to be a focal.  I came up with a rectangular bezel that I thought would suit and got to work.  I had also recently purchased some metal 'bee' charms from B'Sue Boutique and thought that would be a good accent to my new piece.
  I spent the next few days, molding, patina-ing, resin-ing and connecting until I had a pretty good replication of the original. As with any handmade piece there are some variations, it turned out a bit 'brighter' than the original.

Bee-U-tiful Deux

I boxed up the piece with the detailed 'how-I-did-it' description, as requested, and sent it to Utah ASAP.

Yesterday, I got a non-descript box in the mail, which contained my necklace, two copies of the magazine and a $20 Fire Mountain Gems gift certificate as a thank you gift. 
So, without further ado, I present 'Bee-U-tiful Garden'.....

Thank you for stopping by and sharing in my milestone.
I am pleased to say, that 2 other of my assemblage works are scheduled for publication in the June and September issues of Bead Trends.  This has given me the courage to submit to other venues as well and if I am lucky enough to be selected again I will share it here.
Have a great week!


  1. Its gorgeous Tammie! You are SO talented and good at this. Congratulations!

  2. Wow! The necklace is gorgeous and they did a great job showing it off!

  3. HaHa, that is one weird event, selling the piece you had submitted, I mean, Tammie. I'm glad I was checking back on posts before going to bed, or I might have missed your announcement. Congrats, and YOU DESERVE THIS, girl! What a thrill for you, to see your gorgeous piece professionally photographed and published!

  4. You did a phenomenal job! I saw your comment on Lori Anderson's blog regarding your height. My daughter is 7 and she's already 4'10". She's already getting picked on and I want to smack the kids as she is a beautifully, strong and athletic girl who is going to be very tall. Do you have any suggestions? How did you handle it? I hope my girl grows up with the confidence to wear heels and embrace who she is... and when I see others who are similar - I have to reach out. Please feel free to email me at :)

  5. Oh excellent Congratulations. I wish I had your confidence. Your pieces are always so pretty

  6. Congrats to you, so very exciting. I really must move the submissions thing up on my to do list :)

  7. Congrats! I know how excited you are. I have some earrings that will be in the July issue. It is my first publication also!


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