Fabulous Friday

Hello Friends~
Just a quick pop-in to update the happenings of my week.

It's spring break here in my little corner of Virginia, and that means it's time to keep my promise to DD. A couple of months ago we decided to stay put and not buy a house. When contacting the landlord to extend our lease to 3 more years, I was prodded by DD to ask if we could paint a bedroom.  So Monday we spent the day, buying a new mattress set [upgraded to a queen] , new bedding set and a  gallon of paint 

I love her choices! & we have decided to do a lime green accent wall behind the bed too.

Tuesday,  I awoke to find an email from BEAD TRENDS magazine stating they had accepted one of my submissions for September of 2013 in the mixed media category. It's a cool assemblage piece using rusty pieces I have collected along the way.  I am on pins and needles for this coming May when my first ever submission is slated for publication here, but I digress....

Wednesday I spent all day practicing, packing and prepping for my Friday event and Thursday we began painting DD's room. 

 Today is Friday and tonight is my big 'debut' as the featured artist for Tina Clancy 
at Two and a Half Women in Elizabeth City, NC. 

The first Friday of each month the downtown of E-city is turned into an ART WALK.

Businesses stay open late and many feature a special event of some sort. I am very honored because Tina has 100+ artists represented in her shop. I will be talking about my favorite ~polymer clay and all it's amazing possiblities.

 I will be doing demo's of  'Century Beads' [aka swirled lentils] throughout the evening and also have a couple of displays for Mokume Gane and a few other techniques.  

So if you are in the area and need something to do between 
5:30-7:30pm tonight come to 116 N Poindexter St in Elizabeth City, NC and say Hello.

Saturday was supposed to be the reveal for the Bead Soup Blog Hop, but due to circumstances the hostess postponed it a week~ thank goodness. This week is already packed!

Have a wonderful weekend~


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