Thrifting Thursday 3-14-13

Hi Friends~

My 'Thrifting Thursday' posts have fallen quite behind lately.  I find that I am not able to hit the charity shops quite as often and when I do I haven't found as many PRIZES. Here is what I came across in two recent visits.

What on earth would I need a golf ball marker for?  Well it's not the marker but those little tiny letter stamps that coaxed me to buy this for $1.98.   I have been looking for some TINY letter stamps for polymer clay, my metal stamping set is too big. These were perfectly sized. I have a lot of friend who have chosen a 'Word of the Year' for 2013 and so I wanted to make a charm/pendant expressing their word. 


On another day I stopped at the new DAV thrift shop in my area and found these rubber candy molds which I think will be great for resin and polymer clay. I have already experimented with both mediums and it seems like it will work well. No pics to show yet for that.   The anchor necklace is part of my growing "Navy" collection. I am planning a big 'ole US Navy themed assemblage necklace for myself and so I am collecting all sorts of anchors, ships, helicopters, etc.....

Belts, belts, belts, one can never have too many in my opinion. The Salvation Army had these. The first one on the left is faux , but has a lot of cool grommets and studs along with a great antique brass buckle & some nice hefty lobster type claspsThese two are real leather, have great buckles and were $1.50 each... amazing.  I have some leather cuff plans for these and those buckles will make cool pendants.
Below is an example of a re-purposed belt cuff I made last week that sold on Saturday. The octopus came from B'sue Boutique. It was cool and a great way to re-use a broken faux leather belt I had on hand.

Thanks for stopping by today, as always I appreciate your time in reading to the bottom :-D   Any comments are welcome.  Have a great rest of your week.  Warm Regards,


  1. Wow! I'm jealous of your fab finds. Those golf markers are terrific!

  2. Some really inspiring ways to really purpose!Thanks for sharing :-)


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