Holiday Bling Blog Hop #3 ~ St Patty's Day!

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Renetha/Tammie~ St. Patty's Day Extravaganza
For our version of this fun swap I suggested doing some earrings and something small non-jewelry. It's a busy time of year and I wanted to keep it simple for the two of us.  
I had some cute little leprechaun charms that I decided needed to be kicked up a notch {Hello..BLING]  so I treated them with Ranger Patina's in bronze and a blend of greens. Added some czech faceted rondelles and bronze glass pearls ~ Voila'.  For my non jewelry item I took the colors of Ireland and made a Mokume Gane keepsake box. A perfect place for earrings or a tooth fairy box or just a knick-knack.
Then I decided that this is a BLING hop and so I added some of my hand made polymer clay beads and 2 other pairs of  hand made earrings, a little bag of sparkly shamrocks and a light up shamrock necklace completed the gift. 

Now to sit back and see what comes my way. 
Well, it wasn't long before this cute happy box arrived on my door step. Inside were a dozen of the most darling and delicious cookies. Needless to say, they didn't last long...... 

A few days another mystery package arrived... inside were a set of lovely hand drawn artists cards. Each unique and with corresponding biblical quotes.   Amazing!

Just when I started to wonder what was next I received this festive package in the mail. The smaller box contained a cool selection of vintage bead I received from Renetha for commenting on her blog suggesting a name for her creation.

 The larger box contained the beautiful set you see below.
Fantastic lamp work shamrock beads with faceted crystals and beautiful gold accent beads. [Even the backs of these beads are beautiful as you can see on the right]
This pendant and earrings set is SPECTACULAR, and far exceeds my expectations. 
Her blog is LAMPLIGHT CRAFTS and can be found here> 

My husband is running in the Virginia Beach Shamrock Marathon on the 17th and I will be there cheering him on in my new BLING! I will be the best dressed cheerer there. 

I hope you enjoyed our St. Patty's theme exchange. Check out the other participants listed below: 

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  1. Your St. Patty's day items are great. I LOVE the polymer clay box. This is my favorite polymer clay technique, just wish I could do it.

  2. Wow. You have the luck of the Irish now. I love that she spread it all out and sent you little handmade gifts over time. I bet you couldn't wait to open your post box each day.

  3. I am so glad you liked what I sent to you. I had wanted to send St Patrick's Day cookies, but they were not available until the first week of March! The beads were made by Bastille Bleu Lampwork. The cards were made by my friend Julie Walker of TwobyTwos (Etsy).

  4. Oh wow! You got spoiled! I love the jewelry box that you made. :)

  5. The earrings are all adorable! I bet she's hard pressed to pick favourite pair to wear :D

  6. Wow! Great cards, the artwork is fantastic and I love the Scriptures! The jewelry is lovely!

  7. Tammie, am sure you will be a standout in the crowd at the marathon. Your entire St Patty's Day package for Renetha is wonderful. You two certainly spoiled each other. Thanks so much for joining us in this Holiday Celebration.

  8. Wow, how exciting to receive different packages with different surprises! The jewelry is a great way to recognize St. Paddy's Day. Have fun cheering!

    Gina H

  9. sure did get spoiled huh? All beautiful, oH, AND yummy! I love what you made for Renetha, especially those cute leprechaun charm earrings! you are really something with that Patina! and your Mokume Gane is always beautiful. Cover my car in it, will you?! No seriously its all BLINGING great!

    ~ Shelley

  10. you guys had some fun with your St Patrick's day beads, and jewelry! Hope you're having a great celebration today!

  11. How fun to be sent those wonderful packages! What a joy :)

    You two had an amazing exchange, and made St. Patty's Day great fun for me! I'm loving the light up Shamrock, after all!

    And that jewelry is gorgeous! The lovely greens against the black are so bright and lovely. Very pretty!

    May your blessings be more than the shamrocks that grow!

    Happy Hopping,

  12. What a fun swap - the cookies look awesome, the hand drawn cards are amazing and the lampwork jewelry is to die for!


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