3rd Annual 'Food for the Poor' Lenten Project

Well it's almost that time of year again. I am pleased to announce that this year begins my 3rd Annual 'Food for the Poor Lenten Project.

  I began this a couple of years ago to support a very worthy charity ~ Food for the Poor [FFTP].  I first heard about FFTP when we had a guest priest come to mass and tell us about his work with this group. He was an engaging speaker and told us about many of the good works this non-denominational group does. 

  The story that most affected me involved a young boy collecting a small portion of food but not eating it right away. The priest asked him 'Son why aren't you eating your meal?' the boy replied "Well Father this is for my sister. You see it's not my day to eat today, it's hers. I got to eat yesterday."

 Now how can you hear that story and not be affected?  In this land of plenty, with high obesity rates and cheap plentiful food everywhere it seems unfathomable that it would not be 'my day to eat'. 
[I get crabby when I haven't had lunch for crying out loud.]

So I began this project. I actually do it all year round, but my biggest push is during Lent which is meant to be a time of reflection and renewal.  The past two years I have made and sold rosaries. This year I am adding 5inch polymer clay covered crosses. As a former Protestant I realize not everyone prays the rosary, but many people observe Lent and so I hope to broaden my scope and reach more participants.

My goal this year is $100.  The rosaries & crosses  sell for $20 + s/h.  100% of fund minus shipping are donated.

I will be promoting this more as Lent commences in a week or so. Even if you are not interested in purchasing from me, I ask you to consider contributing directly to Food for the Poor. The are a highly respected and very well rated. Meaning they do what they say they will and they spend very little on administrative costs, 95% of what they take in feeds the hungry.

Thank you for your time today. 
Check out the link below for more information. 

If you are interested in purchasing from me find me on Face Book: photos can be seen in the album titled "New & Available"  & I accept custom orders as well.

Click here: About Food for the Poor

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  1. This is really heart warming, Tammie!
    Since I am an athiest, the rosary would be neglected in my hands, but will definitely donate directly to them. Thanks for spreading the word!


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