Bead Soup Blog Hop #7- "Meet Terry"

Hello Friends~
I blogged briefly the other day about BSBH #7 and now I have 'met' my partner 
Terry Carter.
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I'm going to share a little about her today. We have quite a few things in common which is pretty cool. I don't know how Lori Anderson does it, but she manages to match people very well.

 Terry likes photography and is an exercise buff [maybe she can inspire me to get moving]. She is a devoted wife and mother, and of course, a jeweler & a crafter.
It seems we have both moved a lot and lived in many places, we are both dedicated to our faith, and we share a love of the beach.  An interesting tidbit, Terry has a sister named Tammy, and I have a brother named Terry! How funny is that?

Miss Terry has done the Bead Soup Blog Hop several times, and her pieces are lovely. I would absolutely wear any of her creations.  Check out this link to see some of her work.

Her blog is called Tapping Flamingo 'aka' Treasures by Terry. She blogs about her family, her path to healthy living, cool photography shots and her jewelry creations too. Check her out here>

Thanks for stopping by today and please give Terry's blog a shout out.

I've been busy making beads and clasps for my soup and getting it together for mailing this weekend... can't wait to see what she does with it. :-D Check back soon to see our progress.
As always, Thanks for stopping by.

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