3/30/2021 Casters to the Rescue!

Hello Friends~
Today’s post it’s a bit of a DIY.
 I’ve had these two vintage trunks passed down from my mom for quite some time. The white trunk was actually my coffee table in college. They have both seen better days and are in somewhat rough condition. Especially the bottom of the white trunk. The protective metal on the bottom got damaged in our last move, bent backwards and twisted. 
So I don’t utilize them very much because of the damage. I recently decided that they would be a more useful addition to my new studio in FL if I spruce them up.  I added casters to the bottom so I can move them easily and quickly.

Purchased casters, gorilla glue, and short screws from my local Lowe’s home improvement store

These pictures show the damaged metal bottom of the white trunk. I used my aviation snips to cut away the majority of the damaged metal.

I drilled some pilot holes in the wood strapping on the bottom, then applied a dollop of the gorilla glue epoxy for strength and security. 

I guess the only downside of these casters is they do not have any sort of a locking mechanism but the price was right for both trunks I only spent about $30 total. I think my next project will be to chalk paint the trunks white so they look nice, fresh & clean.  I need to decide if I would paint the wood trim. I’ll keep you posted if that happens before our move. 
I think they will be great for storing uncut tins and also for storing the silver plated platter material that I use for cuffs and earrings. 
What do you think? 
Thanks so much 
Have a great week. 


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