3/23/21 Busy Times!

Busy times around the old Georgia Homestead as we prepare to put our house here on the market and make preparations to move to our forever home in Pensacola Florida. The housing market is crazy right now and there is very little inventory so our agent assures us that it will probably go quickly. In our quest for the best possible price we are doing some cosmetic touchups including purging a lot of clutter and freshening up some surfaces.
I have spent the last couple of weeks painting all sorts of things. Items such as our patio furniture, a redwood bench, So they will be nice and clean when we take them out of storage and put them in our new place.

I also touched up some of the walls in the basement that were dirty and dinged up

We had everything pressure washed including the driveway the sidewalks the deck and the concrete pad outback. Our first POD arrived last last week and we were able to fill it relatively quickly because we have been boxing and pack preparing items for the last couple of weeks.   It gets picked up this week prior to the house being photographed. Was was very helpful and decluttering and making the house look spacious.   

Some of my show supplies including a new convertible dolly and my ratchet straps from my tent came in handy. 
The power washing was a blessing and a curse. Everything looked great fresh and clean no mold or mildew or dirt. The downside was that the ancient deck chipped and peeled in places. I found a gallon of deck stain marked 2017 in the garage and gave everything a once over. It really made it look “almost new”. 

Power washing also revealed how bad this concrete pad in back looked. It is right off the exterior door of our walkout basement and can be seen from the windows of my studio space. At one time someone tried to paint this concrete, but over the years it has chipped off and peeled away leaving in ugly mottled surface. Thankfully I found a product at Lowe’s called epoxy seal which is meant for concrete surfaces or garage floors. I chose the lighter gray there was also a dark gray and primer that could be tinted to any color you choose. In hindsight I probably should’ve chosen the dark gray or had a tinted tan to match the siding but there’s no arguing with the fact that it looks 100% better than it did. Easy product to apply, took about an hour and only $35. Win- win!
So that’s it for this weeks blog thanks for indulging me I’ll keep you posted on our house sale progress.
 I hope you have a great week



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