Thrifting Thursday & USPS Jackpot Day 1/21/16

Hello Friends- 

As I write this it's actually a Thursday afternoon. That's unusual for me since I usually do my blogging early in the morning. It's freezing here and our area, like much of the country, is anticipating a nasty weather weekend. So I hopped out to do a few errands [no, I didn't need milk, bread & TP]. Along the way the pull of the DAV thrift shop was just too great, so I stopped in.....
I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but I found a couple of goodies, so here we go!

This is a commercial sign holder. You slip the cardboard sign into a slit at the top and voila'.  I may use it for that, but I was also thinking that since it is @14inches tall it might be a good necklace holder at shows or even just in the workspace so they don't tangle.  Just $3 

Here we have a nice solid ceramic picture frame. I like to use these to cover with polymer clay. I coat the surface with liquid polymer and cure and then the make the best IMHO surface to layer with a nice polymer clay treatment.  $2 On the right a collection of VHS tapes. At just 25cents each you can't go wrong. I have an old TV/VHS combo player in my studio and so when the wifi isn't working [which is frequently] I just pop in a movie. There's a DVD play attached too so all the bases are covered.  

 When I got home from my errands I was pleased to see my mailbox bursting with packages!

Here's what was in them-
*A new sea shell themed embossing folder - good for paper AND thin metal
*Two sets of new beach themed rubber stamps- these will be great for copper etching!
*5 new colors of Guilder's paste - Navy Blue, Verdigris, Black, Inca Gold and Silver. I have the Patina color and use it all the time, I thought it was time to branch out. 
*8 new polymer clay 'texture plates' they are thin enough to go through the roller
and also some new 'sharkskin' tags and earring nuts- not that fun, but necessary.

Close up of one of the texture plates
So, with the impending crummy weather, my show for Saturday was cancelled. I am bummed, shows this time of the year are hard to come by, but I have some new toys to play with and I guess that takes a bit of the sting out of the situation.
Have a safe, warm and happy weekend! 
Warm Regards,


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