Thrifting Thursday 1/14/15 Happy New Year!

Hi Thrifty Friends~
In 2016 I'm recommitting myself to get back to more regular blogging. I got a bit bogged down last year and blogging was one of the things that fell though the cracks.

Along with more regular blogging I have decided to stream line things a bit in the online sales, shop and show arenas too.  I stepped back from the Handmade at Amazon site that I had applied to and been accepted and set up shop in. It is a great idea and I hope it will succeed, but it was one of the things making me feel that I was spread too thin.
I also pulled out of one of the local shop venues I had. I hated to leave that little 'family' who always made me feel so welcome, but once again keeping a space fully stocked and maintained was stressing me out far above the monetary return.
Also, we learned that we will indeed be moving with my husbands job this summer. The Navy has agreed that he can be a ROTC instructor at a university in Florida [more on that in a future post] and so I am feeling the need to scale back, and prepare and PURGE prior to that big move.  

I am also being more selective about the remaining shows that I will apply to in our remaining time in Virginia. I am only applying to venues I want to do, not 'have' to do. I have also begun researching the show situation in Florida. It makes sense course, but I was surprised to find that most of the big shows take place in the winter when the 'snowbirds' and weather are the best. That will require a change of mind set, as I am used to summer, late fall and holiday events being the focus.

So now you have an idea where my thoughts are lately, on to what I found this week on my brief thrifty adventure.
With our move foremost in my mind, I am being quite choosy in the tins that I pick up from now on. I have a lot of 'tin inventory' and have decided to only buy those that I think are exceptional. This 'Brighton' tin fit the bill. Pretty on both sides, I like the green one best, this will make a very cool set, or two.
I also grabbed a nice full grain leather belt for my up cycled cuff bracelets which are popular right now. All this bargain goodness set me back $3.
Now I'm off to finish up inventory for one of the two shops that remain on my docket.
Have a wonderful, creative weekend!
Warm Regards,


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