Thrifting Thursday 9/17/15 Fun Finds, an Application, and a Bit of Repurposing

Hi Friends
   Things at TTE Designs are back to full on fall mode. I am happy to have an event or show almost every weekend between now and Christmas. 
   Yesterday I applied to the MOCA's [Museum of Contemporary Art in VaBeach] Holiday show. They only accept 30 artists so I will just have to wait and see. I applied last year and was not selected, but hopefully I've upped my game and they will consider me.

This is a smaller version of the one I bought

 I had big two day show last weekend that went quite well, with one small tragedy. My inexpensive plastic earring spinner got a little crushed and broken. It had been broken once before and repaired with black electrical tape... While I was out and about this week I stopped by 'The Store for Stores' in Norfolk, VA for the first time and picked up a new, larger metal spinner rack for earrings. 
Instead of just 48 of my earring cards this new one can hold as many as 80 if I choose to! 

   So, because I can't bear to throw something useful away, I used the broken spinner as a base [with some glue and duct tape repairs] to create a new bracelet display. You might recall a Thrifting Thursday blog post I did a couple of years ago about making a spinner for less than $10  

I used the same basic principles to create this new one, using foam core board, and burlap. The bracelets hand from drapery hooks.   It looks and spins so much better and although I hate to throw stuff away, the original one will be headed to the trash today.  
Here's a little video of the finished project.

Here' what else I found:

Several great tins!  This tray is beautiful, it will be hard to cut since it's fluted all the way around.


A nice wooden tray, probably an 'in box' for a desk, for 98 cents, this will be used in my studio to hold projects in progress.  Also a mug tree for 98 cents, these are great to display bangle bracelets. 

A fun vintage elephant chain belt for my teenager, if she doesn't want it, I will repurpose it into a jewelry piece.

Additionally, I received a thrifty gift, from a friend who found these babies while she was out scouring the country side for her own projects.  
So nice to have junking buddies! :-D

  Have a great week and I will see you next time!
Warm Regards,


  1. Great job making a bracelet display!

  2. Great thrifting! Love the tins...and I can see a charm bracelet out of the elephant kids hate to go with me as I am always on the lookout for stuff for jewelry...


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