Vacation Inspiration & Challenge Accepted

Hi Friends~
Two weeks ago, I was vacationing with my extended family in lovely Topsail Island/Surf City, NC. We had a great week. 
Low key relaxing was the prescription for a lovely holiday. 
Drinking coffee at sunrise, beach combing, family game nights and a few too many beverages were the keys to vacation success in my opinion.  I also had the opportunity to reconnect in a mini reunion with about 10 of my Delta Zeta Sorority sisters from UNC-Wilmington. It was awesome!

Coffee tastes better at sunrise~

A lonely sand piper dashes among the waves at low tide.
The underside of the Surf City pier at low tide.

Some of my beach combing finds including beach glass and interesting shell shapes.

An amazing sunset on Thursday evening prior to the 'blue moon;

Some of my fellow Delta Zeta sisters from UNCW in the 1980's

By Thursday, some of the ladies in my family and I were in the mood for a bit of shopping. 
We went to several cool artist shops and small boutiques. As we went from shop to shop I began to notice a trend. At almost every boutique we went to they showcased chunky wire bangle bracelets.
These are meant to be worn in multiples and were most often found in gold tone wire.
After about the 4th place, I stood and examined the bracelets while everyone else browsed- and thought, "I bet I can make those too". 
I have been making a similar wire wrap bangle on a more dainty scale for a shop local to me in Chesapeake, VA.

So above are the results of Sunday's 'play day' in the studio. 
I used a craft wire and beads I had on hand, but I think that I am getting the hang of it.  
I even tried a few coordinating rings to match.
 I see many more of these in my TTE future.
Thanks for looking today. As always your comments are appreciated.
Warm Regards,


  1. Oh, your vacation included some of my favorites: watching the sun on the water with coffee in my hand and combing the beach for little bits of awesome. (Your bits really are awesome - we don't get much sea glass on the Gulf). Sounds like it was a blast. And, you got some design inspiration too! Your bracelets look great. I don't think I've seen anything like those down here, but I haven't really been out shopping much lately either. Enjoy what's left of the summer!


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