My Newest Obsession: Chunky, Stackable Wire Wrapped Bracelets

Hello Friends~ 
A few weeks ago I wrote about my interest and inspiration in making wire wrapped bangles. Well that idea has really taken off, so I am doing a quick  blog post about it. 
This post will not only showcase some styles and colors, but also pass along information on how to order a custom bracelet or set if you are interested in doing so.

Tiaria Axe Crystals and bright silver
Bright silver plated
Non tarnish brass [gold tone]

Stainless Steel [gray silver]

Here you see examples of the different types of wire I have available. 

NonTarnish Brass 
Bright Silver Plate
Jewelers Bronze
Stainless Steel 
Natural Copper
Annealed Steel

Beads, stones, coins and other decorations are your choice. 

Jeweler's Bronze [dull gold]
Natural Copper

State coins with german nickel silver 
Annealed steel wire [dark]

An average hand measurement is 8 inches 

3 Bead bangles are $15 each 
A set of 3 = $45

Coin bangles are $18 each and the client provides the coins

To order a set of custom bracelets the first step is to measure your hand  [NOT your wrist].

The bangles must fit over the widest part of your hand including your knuckles as seen as left with a rubber band as an example.

Once you know your hand measurement and the wire and beads choices you like contact me via my Facebook page @ TTE Designs 
or on my 'TTE Designs Square Market' [contact info at the bottom of the page] and we can set up your custom order.  
Custom orders may require a 50% non refundable materials deposit. 
Your set should be completed in less than 5 business days. 
Thank you! 
Warm Regards,


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