Hi Friends
So, Apparently my Dad enjoys reading my blog.
He sent me an email today asking why I hadn't written anything lately? That's a good question Dad.
Just busy with the stuff of life, but that's really no excuse! So here are a few pictures of some of the tin containers  I have been working on lately--- and I resolve to be more forthcoming in the weeks ahead!

Antique Florals

Cedar Waxwings- This is part of the same tin as the birds below 

Reminds me of Lily Pulitzer or my sorority Delta Zeta!

Go USA! Patriotic set, perfect for my job as a Navy wife
These next 3 blue sets are all from the same vintage tin depicting a snow scene in front of the St Louis Arch I just did a variety of different treatments and left the earrings as they were. I liked their 'quirky' vibe

A large statement collar necklace & earrings in warm orange-y pinks and yellows 

Juniper branches- from the same tin as the cedar waxwing birds

Embossed with a fern motif

Lilacs - 

From the same tin as above!


  1. Lovely jewelry! You have been busy creating.

  2. Love these! You find the most interesting tins! I love the way you have embellished some, and left some plain. The lilac reminds me of my grandmother.

  3. Gah! Tin-mazing! You've made so much and inspired me so much. I'm glad to see what you've been up to and am glad your dad bugged you. Thank him for me ;)


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