Thrifting Thursday 3/19/15 -Templates, and Tins and Jackets, Oh My!

Hello Thrifty Buddies~

Today's adventure took me to an untried location. 

It was pretty sketchy, but even so I found a couple of things I can use. Here you see an oval scrapbooking template. I can use this to expand the repertoire of shapes I use in my up cycled tin container pieces. 
I like circles and squares, but it's nice to have some interesting alternative shapes too.

They also had a huge cache of good quality white poster board, I snagged a few pieces @ .25 each for kid projects that always seem to crop up.

Speaking of tins, this is the only one I found today. It commemorates the 1986 wedding of the Duke & Duchess of York. I mainly picked this one up because of the crest on the lid, and the 3 fouled anchors on the sides. I'm sure they are lovely people, but I am not planning to make jewelry from their faces!  It's pretty grungy, but Mr. Clean magic eraser and a spin through the dishwasher will fix that.
This tin is marked $15, but I would never pay that- a buck fifty is more my style and that's what it cost me.

Last on the list today, little denim jacket. I added a mannequin form to my display a few months ago and I have been struggling to dress 'her' in a cool way. I want her to represent my target client. I envision a gal who likes to be chic but comfortable. I think this little jacket hits the mark. It works great on the form because it's actually cropped and  a bit tapered. This was $6.99 at my CHKD. 
A quick test drive on the mannequin before Saturday's little show.
I like this, just needs a little tweaking!

Thanks for stopping by today. Swing back next week for more adventures in crafting, thrifting and all things TTE.   Have a great weekend  and if you are local stop by 
Great Bridge High School 3/21/15 9-4 for the Spring Craft Show.


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