Great Bridge HS Theatre Company Wizard of Oz Donation

Hi Friends~
Today's post is about art supporting art. 
During high school my daughter has developed a love for theatre. 
The scene below shows her troupe recently performing "Screen" at the VHSL state level one act play competition for the second year in a row.

Now it's time for the spring musical. This year's pick, "The Wizard of Oz"- It's one of my all time favorites.
This group has a great parent booster club who does auctions, food sales and more during the plays to raise the funds needed to keep this troupe viable. I decided to contribute a Wizard of Oz jewelry collection and donate it for this purpose.

Come see the play!

Here is a sweet grouping of charms I ordered from an Etsy seller.  I also ordered the letters 'O & Z'  I opted not to use the balloon. 

I kept this jewelry simple for several reasons. One, to keep my costs down since it's a donation. Two, so I could finish it in a short amount of time so it won't compete with other orders I'm doing, and lastly because these are nice quality charms and they don't need a lot of excess bling to make them pretty.
I kept the embellishments simple. I ended up making 4 pair of various earrings, three bangles and the main necklace.

"OZ" earrings- they are silver tone [not sure why they look colored in this pic]

Wire wrapped bangles with ruby slipper and stardust bead charms. 

I also volunteered to create 60 simple charm pendant necklaces, as gifts for the cast and crew in cooperation with the director.  I have purchased 5 lots of mixed charms with 12 themes so the kids will all get a little something different.  Those materials are on order, I am donating my time and giving these at cost. Teacher's don't have a lot of extra $ and this director goes above and beyond for her kids.
On a side note, as a thank you for my contribution, TTE gets a free advertisement in the play bill- not a bad trade if I do say so myself.  
"So, I'm off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of OZ...... "  :-D


  1. Very cute jewelry! I just saw Wicked and really enjoyed it. It is a wonderful take off on the Wizard of Oz. The arts have to be supported they are in danger in this day of testing and budget cuts. Good for you!

  2. My thoughts follow Kathy's :) It is a fortunate school nowadays that has a successful drama/music department, and usually it is down to the dedication of staff, parents and of course students. Good for you, Tammie, for adding your special talents to a great endeavor!


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