Thrifting Thursday 2/12/15 'What's New and Making Do'

Hi Friends,
It's been while since I posted some thrifting finds. These items were found a couple of weeks ago and two different charity shops.
The tins will be added to my cache, ready for future projects. The lovely florals will make some beautiful pieces for sure. The patriotic can will be great to make myself a piece to wear at Navy events and the old west themed tin is on tap for a special 'secret' project to be revealed in the months ahead. 
On the left you see a nice black display case that I found for $3. There was a grouping of display case pieces with nice glass hinged lids-- and I stood there for a long time trying to decide if I needed all of them....but in the end I just took one. 
I plan to line it with burlap and use it to display smaller items like rings at future shows. I am toying with painting it so it blends in with my display as opposed to black, we'll see how that goes.
Sorry for the awkward reflection, you can see it was recycling day on my street, [not to mention my hands and camera]

 Under the category of 'Making Do'- I made myself a promise for the new year to try and utilize many of the beads and components I have on hand. Beaders and Jewelry makers are often 'hoarders' and I have decided to take many of the things I have been saving and finally put them to good use. I loved them when I bought them, why not USE them???    I started using the Tim Holtz Phrase Bars I had been holding onto for more than a year! I find the quotes to be very inspirational.

'Possibility Begins With Imagination' was paired with some beautiful Tiaria aurora borealis faceted crystals and annealed steel wire which I cleaned and sealed. I like the juxtaposition of the industrial against the sparkle. I added a tinted star fish charm to complete the look.

'Capture Life's Moments' is a study in warm orangey reds. Red agate ovals are wire wrapped with natural copper and accented with a sea horse dangle charm.

'Dream As If You'll Live Forever' boasts a calming aqua teal palette featuring cultured sea glass lentils and some gunmetal gray chain and findings.

I have these remaining bars which I am still working on. 
These 3 have been tinted with inks, sealed and shaped for bracelets and the remaining two are still waiting in the wings. I am loving the results of these and they obviously speak to others too, as I have had some interest from customers in purchasing them.

Thanks for stopping by today- 
Wishing you a lovely Valentine's Day, make sure to spend it with those you love! 
Warm Regards,


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