Is Prepping being Creative?

Hi Friends-
I apologize!
My blogging has been very weak the last couple of months. I hate that when things get busy something has to go. In this case it was my regular blogging. However, now things have gotten more routine and I think I can get back into a regular rhythm again. I have a lot to catch up on...
So, begging your indulgence- Here goes...
 If you are a follower, you may know that one of my lines involves the use of vintage, antique and some modern tin containers.  They are sturdy and light weight, but they do take up a lot of space.
My studio is tiny, @9'X6' and space is at a premium, so I decided to have a "Deconstruction Day" and this would not only get me prepped, but also let me do an inventory check and make space in my studio so I can walk and not have to tip toe over things. 
  Here is a shot of the tin-palooza on the floor yesterday.  What it doesn't show are the tins in top of tins and tins inside of tins so it's a bit deceiving as to what is really in this pic.

My Dad brought me a stash of tins at Christmas - I didn't open them till yesterday... I was surprised to see this note. Thanks Dad, for sacrificing your 'bullet storage box' it will make some cool stuff!

 So I spent approximately 5 hours cutting & deconstructing yesterday. My right thumb was pretty tired from all that use.  I did manage to watch the final 3 episodes of 'The Paradise' from BBC and the first half of 'Bewitched' with Nicole Kidman
 The best news is that now all the tins are prepped and ready to go. Trimmed, flattened and stacked neatly in a small cardboard box and the lids all in a basket.  I rediscovered some that I had forgotten about and I'm excited to get back to. The second best news, I also got to purge the parts that are not useable.  Also good news, now I can actually walk around in that part of the space without trying to balance like a tight rope walker :-D

Have a great weekend!
See you next week~
Warm Regards,


  1. What a great use of a day!! You have a fabulous stash of tin. Mine is fairly measly, but I'm not into in as much as you are either. And, how sweet of your dad to give up one of his own tins. That makes me ohhh and ahhh for sure. I'm positive it must be nice to have a little more space to move around. Thanks for sharing your progress with us. Now I can't wait to see the creativity that comes from it.


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