Thrifting Thursday 11-13-14

Hello Friends,
Here are this week's thrifty finds...

A tin container, a wooden case and a l-o-n-g 4 sided rubber stamp
This 4 sided, travel themed stamp will be great for copper etching. It is a great shape & length for making copper bracelets, no need to move the stamp to get a nice long image.
The original price tag was still on this item, 26.99, I got it for $6.
I particularly like the sides with cancelled stamps and another with coins.

This tin container will make LOVELY jewelry.  I am very fond of fleur di lis, [it is my logo after all].
I may even have to make one just for me, from some of those lilies!
Here are the first cuts in progress....
On left: cut discs
Center: cut, embossed with dragonfly, dapped and sanded
Right: Cut & dapped

This plain wooden case is sturdy and well made. It looks like it once held art supplies. Someone tried to "line' it [I use that term loosely] with contact paper. Fortunately for me, I was able to remove it fairly easily.  I am planning on lining this with my beloved burlap and using it as a display piece.

There you have it. Not bad for $10 is it?
See you soon, and as always, THANK YOU for stopping by!


  1. I LOVE those blue disk....any chance any of them will be up for sale.........stunning!


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