Thrifting Thursday 6-5-14 Thrift Shop Finds

Hello Friends!
My thrift shopping has been infrequent lately but this past Tuesday I did have a few minutes & a 25% off coupon at my favorite CHKD charity shop and here is what I found.
Buttons!  Never one to shy away from a bag of old buttons I grabbed these. Granted they aren't all 'vintage' but for $2.25 [2.98 w/25% off]  who's complaining 

These two large ceramic picture frames will work great for covering with polymer clay.
[2 x 1.58 = 3.16 w/25% off = 2.37]

.48 cents was the asking price on this ceramic cat @ 25% off = .36 cents
Perfect for a little tricking out with some edgy mokume gane and voila' he will become a modern piece of pop art

total spent = $ 4.98
Time to get busy.
Thanks for stopping by, I will try and post some 'after' pics in the coming weeks.
Have a great weekend


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