Art of Color Bootcamp Week 1 & 2 June 16-22 & 23-29

Hi Friends~  Last week I started my Art of Color Bootcamp with Heather Powers.                      
 The first week was great. I really enjoyed mixing up these color wheels. 

The first wheel was beautiful and bright. It used Peacock pearl, Fuchsia and Cadmium Yellow. 

The second wheel was more muted and rich using Cadmium Red, and Ultramarine blue and Cad. Yellow.

I even got a new 'old vintage' Atlas pasta machine from Ebay to make the work easier.

Here is the second part of the lesson on working with blends to make tints, tones and shading.

And here are the beads I made using these blends in stripe and leaf canes.
Love these! <3

 My first attempt at the second weeks lesson didn't turn out too well for me for several reasons.   I rushed, and didn't make enough clay and then I tried to hurry the 'falling leaf' cane we were to make.   Needless to say, there will be no pictures of that goof.

I haven't had a chance to go back and start again....but I will this weekend, and I will TAKE MY TIME!!
I  promise I will post some pics of my second attempt next week.

I'm confessing this because I need to remind myself that I took this class to LEARN and we all know that we learn from the mistakes too. 

And now a few thoughts...courtesy of Pinterest.....

See you next week :-D

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  1. I love to see what everyone is creating, Tammie... looks like you are really enjoying Heather's workshop :)


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