Thrifting Thursday 6-18-14

Hello Friends!
Summertime is supposed to be full of 'lazy days' but I haven't seen that yet.
Today's "Thrifting Thursday" post is a double header showing things from the past couple of weeks finds. Without further ado...
A section of room screen, my display cards fit perfectly, just have to figure out a good way to attach them. Any suggestions??

Small ceramic frame, perfect for covering with polymer clay

Two more large ceramic frames. Not only were these marked down, I had a 25% off coupon! 

One of the frames from above covered in an extruded cane pattern

The second frame from above, Mokume Gane technique with bright colors. This reminds me of Van Gogh's irises

Before and after kitten figurine [.48]

Last weeks finds.  "New in Package" butterfly stamps  .99 These will be great with PC
   Metal frame, good for polymer clay covering 1.99   Used, but good condition pastel chalks .99 also nice to use with PC techniques. 

Thanks for visiting
I hope you like what I've uncovered.

Let me know if you have any ideas for my new display screen and have a great weekend.

Warm Regards,


  1. Is it hard to make clay stick to ceramic? And how do you make the clay stick to metal frames? Those are beautiful!


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