Thrifting Thursday 3-13-14 Nesting Cottage Score!

Hi Friends~

  Good and bad news always go hand in hand...
First the bad.... I ended my 18+ month consignment relationship with Two & A Half Women in Elizabeth City, NC.  They have had a big change, and had to implement some new policies. Unfortunately, I had to make a tough decision and pull my inventory. I wish them all the best on their new path.

  SO now for the Good News!  Because I had to drive to NC to pick up my inventory I took the opportunity to stop at The Nesting Cottage in Camden, NC.  I've done previous posts on the jackpot of goodies they have to pick through. I spent over an hour sifting through piles, boxes and bags and really probably only saw about 1/2 of what there was to see.  This trip I was focused on "tiny bits" the filler that I've learned is all important when making an assemblage piece.  I was able to find lots of little flowers, leaves, suns & stars, birds & butterflies, crosses, angels, hearts and fairies, a couple of little spoons, watches and much, much more.
  I even ran across a few 'USA' themed items. I am saving those for a special project that is a few months down the road, blog post in the coming months on that...

So yesterday I washed, dried, clipped, filed and broke down those pieces into all my little assemblage drawers.  150+ pieces...all for $8  I feel an assemblage binge coming on....

In other GOOD NEWS,  I have completed my Bead Soup for the 8th BSBH and will be doing a post about that very soon.
Oh, and I have a show Saturday so I'd better get busy.... SEE ~ more good news. :-D

Best news > You're here!  Thanks for visiting today~
Warm Regards,


  1. Wow, you always find the best thrifty finds. I always check but think our stores charge so much more here. But I keep looking, sometimes I find individual pieces that I like and go with them.

    1. Thanks Dolores, If I knew what you liked I would be happy to pick up some things for you next time I'm down that way. :-D Their prices are awesome!

    2. Could you let me know when you are going again, that sounds fun if you have the time. Thanks so much! If my email don't show up for you here you can contact me on FB.

  2. You have remarkable energy, Tammie! I am so impressed with your work. And SO glad you contacted the people at the show and are in. Congratulations!!

    1. Thanks so much Susan, I appreciate your kind compliments.

  3. $8 for 150 pieces!! And you want to shop with me?!! Crazy good deal. I look forward to seeing some of the pieces once they are assembled. Have a great week-end, Tammie :)

  4. Wow! What a score!! You racked up and at those prices. .wow!! What a shame about the shop, but I'm sure something better will come along. All the best!


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