Thrifting Thursday 2-27-14 ~Buttons

 Hi Thrifters~
Today's post is a short one.
Recently I went to an estate sale in my area and found these great vintage buttons.
Most of these have been used. When I net through the jar to see what there was and to clean them up 75% of them still had bits of cloth and thread still attached, so they're not pristine but definitely have that 'patina' that comes with time and use.

 I was especially drawn to the simple prettiness of these great big mother of pearl buttons.  I used a simple wire technique I learned from Kerry Bogart. She uses it on lamp work disks, but it also works well for these buttons and other disks that need to lay flat.
I debated whether or not to give is a bath in LOS, but decided the bright copper is lighter and more 'spring-like'.

Thanks for stopping by today. 
This piece is available for sale  on my TTE Designs Face Book page.

 Come back tomorrow when I will be a participant in "THE PATINA BLOG HOP "   


  1. I love and collect vintage buttons! It's so nice to see them out and about and unharmed, great piece!

  2. Only you could make these buttons look so pretty!

  3. BUTTONS! I'm so glad to see others get some joy from designing with them too. Your necklace is great.


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