Upcycled and Updated 1/9/14

 Hello Fellow Thrifters~
Back in December I stopped by one of my new favorite places to acquire goodies for repurposing, The Nesting Cottage in Camden, NC.  I posted the picture on the right to share my finds from that day.

Recently I was perusing these pieces and I couldn't stop thinking about this link style necklace you see below.

It was dirty, dingy and tarnished, but had a lovely, flexible feel and a nice solid weight.  After washing with mild soap and drying I began to experiment with various colors of Ranger patina.  I tried an antique bronze and also copper, but they weren't giving me the look I hoped for.

Ultimately, I ended up with two of my favorites, Moss green and the turquoise-y Patina.

Close up view

I love the fresh spring like combination of colors here, just what you need in a record breaking cold January to get you out of the doldrums and thinking about warmer months ahead.  I really like giving new life to something that was in a junk bin a month ago. :-D

Thanks for reading today.  Have a great rest of the week~  


  1. What awesome finds, Tammie! I think we have all been unconsciously searching for green in our lives during this brutal weather. Hooray for staying indoors and playing with spring colours!

    1. Thank you for stopping by today Monique, I know we just started winter, but I am obviously already wishing for April :-D

  2. You really freshened up that necklace. Love the green.

  3. I love thrifty finds too. I love the patina you did on the chain.


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